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St Francis Xavier Cathedral!
The oldest Roman Catholic Church in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

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St. Francis Xavier Cathedral!
Located on West & West Hill Streets in Nassau, Bahamas.

New Providence Parishes

Parish   Address   Contact Information  

  • St. Francis Xavier Cathedral
  West Hill Street
P.O. Box N 8187
Nassau, Bahamas 
  Tel: 242-356-3008/9
Fax: 242-323-3802
Email: info (at)

  • St. Anselm
  Bernard Road, Fox Hill
P.O. Box FH 14389
Nassau, Bahamas

  Tel: 242-364-5548
Fax: 242-324-1325
Email: stanselm (at)


  • St. Bede
  Sutton Street, Off Kemp Road
P.O. Box SS 5014
Nassau, Bahamas

  Tel: 242-393-3853
Email: clarkenoel (at)

  • St. Cecilia
  Coconut Grove Avenue
Between Third and Fourth Streets
P.O. Box N 8187
Nassau, Bahamas
  Tel: 242-322-5579
Fax: 242-323-4008
Email: stceciliasparish (at)


  • Holy Family
  Robinson & Claridge Roads
P.O. Box N 8187
Nassau, Bahamas

  Tel: 242-393 -2407
Fax: 242-393-2981
Email: holyfamilychurch (at)

  • St. Joseph
  47 Boyd Road, Chippingham
P.O. Box N 4388
Nassau, Bahamas

  Tel : 242-323 -5993
Fax: 242-323-6621

  • Our Lady of the Holy Souls
  Deveaux & Young Streets
P.O. Box N 8187
Nassau, Bahamas

  Tel: 242-325-4521
Fax: 242-326-0733
Email: alaverne (at)


  • St. Paul the Apostle
  Lyford Cay
P.O. Box N 8187
Nassau, Bahamas

  Tel: 242-362-4410
Fax: 242-362-6426
Email: kjforbesus (at)

  • Queen of Peace (Haitian Community)
  Faith Avenue
P.O. Box N8187
Nassau, Bahamas
  Tel: 242-361-0070
Fax: 242-325-2240

  • Church of the Resurrection
  South Beach
P.O. Box SB 50001
Nassau, Bahamas

  Tel: 242-392-3021
Fax: 242-392-5181
Email: resurrectionch (at)

  • Sacred Heart
  East Shirley Street
P.O. Box SS 5913
Nassau, Bahamas
  Tel: 242-326-6004
Fax: 242-325-8549
Email: monastery (at)

  • St. Thomas More
  Madeira Street, Palmdale
P.O. Box N 4108
Nassau, Bahamas
  Tel: 242-325-8150
Fax: 242-323-5858
Email: stthomasmoreparish (at)


Office hours

  • Monday through Friday:
    9:00 AM to 4:30 PM
  • Saturday & Sunday: Closed
    (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time 
    (US & Canada)

Contact Us

  • Please Click Here! if you would like to contact us by email. 
  • You may also call us at: 
    242-356-3008 / 9