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The following documents must be obtained as part of your preparation to be married in this Archdiocese: 

  • Completed prenuptial questionnaires.
  • A letter from each party’s pastor, giving his permission for the couple to be married in the Archdiocese of Nassau.
  • A letter or certificate stating that the couple has received the proper marriage instructions and preparation.
  • A baptismal certificate from each party’s parish of baptism. These certificates should be recent, i.e. issued within six (6) months prior to the wedding.
  • A letter from each party attesting that he/she is free to marry. This may be done by their parents or by close relatives or friends who have known the person for most of his/her life.

This affidavit must be signed by two (2) witnesses.

When all documents have been collected, the local parish priest of the parish church where the couple worship, the pastor who is doing the preparation for this marriage, must submit all of these documents directly to his diocesan chancery office. The Chancellor of your diocese must issue a Nihil Obstat before forwarding these documents to the Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Nassau.

May we suggest that in sending these documents to us, you choose a service where your documents can be traced if lost (UPS/ FEDEX/DHL). It is very risky to send these documents to us by regular mail as they can get lost.

Once the documents have been received in this archdiocese, they will be reviewed to make sure that nothing has been left out. They will then be sent to the priest or the deacon in the Archdiocese who has agreed to perform the wedding.

Your documents should arrive in our Chancery Office at least one month prior to the planned date of marriage.

Once we are satisfied that the documents are all in order, a visum est will be issued by this archdiocese.

This now brings us to Civil Requirements.

  • Contact parish for cost.